Mark Coffey Consulting - Range of Services

Navigating government

Provide advice on how best to navigate all levels of government specific to your requirements.  This could include an overarching strategy to gain support for projects, accessing grants, options to overcome regulatory blockages, understanding government policy or fostering multi-lateral support across different levels of government.

Management advice

Work with organisations to improve organisational efficiency through strategic reviews of policies, strategy, governance, workforce capability and culture.

Economic Development strategy and engagement

Work with proponents on economic development projects to provide advice on community engagement, government policy & engagement and overall strategy.

Reviews and investigations

Conduct reviews of critical incidents, policies and programs providing advice to clients on continuous improvement and the management of risk.  Conduct investigations into matters ranging from legislative breaches to workplace disputes and provide recommendations.

Leading remotely

Provide advice to clients on strategies to manage remote staff including workplace policy development and implementation and ongoing strategies to support remote and outposted staff.

Community engagement and consultation

Conduct community engagement and consult on policies, programs and projects.  Engagement and consultation with Indigenous communities and remote residents around projects, program delivery or policy.

Executive Coaching

Provide Executive Coaching through a one-on-one goal-focused professional relationship that helps people produce outstanding results in their life, career and organisation.

Mentoring & Leadership development

Provide mentoring services to enable the transfer of knowledge, guidance and experience to individuals to produce outstanding outcomes for both the individual and their organisation.